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Only 2 in 100 people know what their business is worth. Are you one of them?

Most business owners wait too long to get a business valuation, jeopardizing financing, its sale and their retirement. Know what your business is worth with our simple, dynamic online valuation tool. Speed up a process that used to take weeks of work and mind-numbing number-crunching.

Start Your Valuation

Even though we are in a crisis, now is the right time for planning.
Evaluating every aspect of your business today can prepare you for the next “what if.”

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Don't be one of the 98% who wait until they are faced with retirement, a new business venture or an insurance catastrophe. Knowing what your business is worth today allows you to plan for every "what if" life throws at you tomorrow. Through our partnership with BizEquity, the largest and only patented online valuation service, you'll be surprised at how easy it is to know what your business is truly worth.




Top 10 Reasons for a Business Valuation

1. 98% of private business owners don't know their business value

2. 90% of businesses are not properly insured

3. 78% of business owners plan to fund their retirement through the sale of their business.

4. You can create a realistic succession plan

5. Explore funding opportunities

6. Better understand your business now and its future potential

7. Get what your business is worth at time of sale

8. Create buy/sell agreements with business partners

9. Establish a trust and create an accurate estate plan

10. Pay the right amount when you buy a business

Statistics provided by BizEquity. BizEquity is not an affiliate or subsidiary of Guardian or PAS.


Many business owners think getting a valuation is complicated, a lot of work or very expensive. Most are just too busy to do it. They may also think their business is doing fine and don't' see a need for one. Because of this, they are missing an important piece of business intelligence. We are here to support you through a simple process that gives you an edge in decision-making.


We understand the paperwork challenge and will work with your CPA or CIO to guide them through the process. Gathering your information takes the most time.

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Once you have the information, enter it in our user-friendly, ultra secure system. As you enter various data you will see the numbers change in real time.

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Yes, it's that simple. Now your data is stored in the system and can be shared with other parties. Update it annually as new numbers come in.

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Learn How Your Business Compares

Because this tool gathers financial and operational data from 33 million companies globally, you can compare your business to others on a whole new level. Your company's information is securely stored so you and your team can access it in real time and make more accurate, strategic business decisions. Give your company an edge.

I'm here to support you through this process. Contact me with any questions or for more information.

The information that will be provided is general information that may be helpful, but Michael Korn, National Financial Network and Guardian make no representations with respect to the accuracy, currentness, or completeness of that information. Any and all business valuations that you receive will be prepared based upon information that you will provide to Michael Korn but should not be relied upon for tax filing or other accounting purposes. To obtain a valuation of your business for tax filing purposes, please consult your tax advisor or CPA. Guardian, its subsidiaries, agents and employees do not provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. Consult your tax, legal, or accounting professional regarding your individual situation. 

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