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It’s hard to run a business. I’ve been there, done that. In my first career, I was a partner in a NYC marketing services firm for 10 years (for more on that, call me to discuss). Like most of my clients today. I was so busy working in the business that there was very little time left to work on the long-term issues that mattered, whether it was planning for growth or retirement, or protecting the business and families involved. 

Now, my team and I help business owners organize their fiinancial world and develop integrated plans that include investments, retirement, insurance, business, and legacy planning, as appropriate.  We go beyond the personal planning and integrate business planning strategies such as business continuity, succession, and exit planning, all important planning areas that business owners often put off.   Check out the rest of my website for more information.  Bottom line, we help business owners develop a complete plan that address the questions below and more . 

<span>Can you answer all </span><span>of the following questions?</span>

Can you answer all of the following questions?

  • Is most of my cash flow and net worth dependent upon my business?
  • What would happen to my business if I were to die or become disabled?
  • Who would take over the day-to-day operations if I’m not here?
  • Can anyone in the family take an active role in the management of my business? Would they even want to get involved?
  • What is my Exit plan, what would happen if I simply wanted to do something else or retire?
  • Do I have enough to retire on, how can I maximize the value of my business for my family?
  • How much is my business really worth if I wanted — or had to — sell it?
  • What would happen to the business if something happened to my partner? Does his second wife become my new partner?

It all starts with understanding the true value of your business today. And we can help with that.  For our clients and qualified business owners, we offer a complementary valuation of your business (for guidance only),  Knowing the true value of your business today will help you with strategic planning for tomorrow. It will also help with financial planning for you personally.  No matter how old you are or the current stage of the business, it will help us understand the potential retirement gap and develop strategies to address that.

If you have a partner and your business is worth any money at all, you should have a completed, signed and funded buy sell agreement. It's like a will for your business, and dictates what happens with the equity of the business if something happens to one of the partners.  It will prevent your partner's second wife from becoming your new partner, This is a critical area of planning that is typically based on a business valuation or formula.  Unfortunately many businesses don't get around to this until it's too late. For those who did a buy sell agreement many years ago and let it sit on the shelf, we also offer a buy sell review program that will review your existing agreement to make sure it meets current needs and provide recommendations to bring the agreement up to date.  All at no cost to you. 

I'd like to help.  If you haven't addressed any of the above, or haven’t reviewed your finances in a while, don’t have a financial advisor, or just want to talk and ask some questions, book some time to talk below, or email me, and we can set up a time to meet up via Zoom, on the phone, or in person. The second half of 2021 will be exciting as we all establish the new normal.  Don’t let the year go by without addressing your personal and business financial and insurance planning, and make sure you read the special report below to learn what not to do....                                                                                          


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